[mythtv] Shoutcast patch ; the reports of it's death are greatly exaggerated

Otto Kolsi otto at kolsi.fi
Tue Feb 26 10:50:04 UTC 2008

Paul Harrison wrote:
> Otto Kolsi wrote:
>> Eskil Heyn Olsen wrote:
>>>> So - what's the story on submitting this into SVN trunk?  Seems like
>>>> you've been maintaining this for as long as I can remember by
>>>> yourself... do you ever plan on trying to get it into myth proper?
>>> I would, but back then I was asked to split the patch into smaller
>>> components, since otherwise it's way to big to read/grasp. A fair enough
>>> request, but also so much work that I never got around to it, and doubt
>>> I'll ever will.
>> Stuart M. and Paul (and others).. any chance Eskil's patch could be 
>> taken in as a one big chunk after 0.21 is out? Then there should be 
>> plenty of time to sort out any issues before 0.22.
>> It seems that there will be taglib and mythui related big changes in 
>> MythMusic soon.. would it be possible to sort this out before those 
>> changes?
> Otto, have you tried it and got it to work? I briefly did give it a go 
> with a view to possibly merging it after 0.21 is out but all I seemed to 
> get was segfaults everywhere. I didn't spend any time trying to get it 
> to work because I just assumed it was not working with current svn.

I don't remember exactly but I tried it something like 7-8 months ago. I 
got it working quite well, certainly not segfaulting everywhere. Only 
bigger issue for me was that it either required "show full music tree" 
option enabled (which I don't use) or that option must be disabled 
(which would be problem for other folks).

If MythMusic UI is to be converted to mythui, this UI limitation could 
be solved at the same time.

Finally I had to drop using the patch because it became too difficult to 
try to maintain it with other changes in MythMusic.

If there is interest to get this patch in, I'm willing to do some 
testing either now beforehand or when it is in.

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