[mythtv] EIT broken in SVN ?

Dave dave at 0bits.com
Tue Feb 26 10:43:56 UTC 2008

Stuart wrote:
 > Not all channels on all muxes supply EIT data. This is especially true
 > with DVB-S setups, where it has been known to be confined to a single
 > EIT data channel.

Ah, this is interesting. I definitely have 'useonairguide' switched off 
of all the dvb-s transponder channels except the ones i watch. So maybe 
the EIT is on a channel not being scanned. However, how does this 
explain that when i am watching the channels concerned, epgsnoop will 
retrieve the EPG data correctly. Seem like the active and passive 
scanners are using different mechanisms to gather the data. What 
algorithm does mythtv use to determine what channel EPG data is on ? How 
does epgsnoop get it right. Can we not get mythtv to do the right thing 
like epgsnoop ?


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