[mythtv] EIT broken in SVN ?

Stuart Auchterlonie stuarta at squashedfrog.net
Tue Feb 26 07:49:28 UTC 2008

Dave wrote:
> Daniel said:
>> You have it backward:
>>  active scanning happens when the tuner is not recording
>>  passive scanning happens when the tuner is recording
>> The breakage of passive scanning is a known bug that Stuart A is
>> looking at; this is the one you tested with epgsnoop. Active scanning
>> is working for everyone else, so if that is broken for you then there
>> is either a configuration error on your part or an unknown bug which
>> needs to be fixed.
> Just to further clarify, it seems that active scanning (tuner idle) is 
> not working only on some channels, but it is working on others. This 
> particular set of channels on the transponder is not getting any updates 
> when tuner is idle or not even though backend -v eit shows the 
> EITScanner thread firing.

Not all channels on all muxes supply EIT data. This is especially true
with DVB-S setups, where it has been known to be confined to a single
EIT data channel.


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