[mythtv] Compile Error in Changeset 16253

Tue Feb 26 02:13:02 UTC 2008

Nigel --

It appears as though you just committed 16253 to the repository where  
you changed libs/libmyth/mythcdrom-linux.cpp line 252 to:

     es = (CDROMeventHdr *) buffer;

Unfortunately, it seems as though CDROMeventHdr isn't defined in the  
file.  I think what you meant was:

     es = (CDROMeventStatus *) buffer;

Since es is defined as CDROMeventStatus *es; at the top of the method.

I can file a ticket for this if you wish, but I thought it might be  
quicker/easier for you to see it here first.
Jeremy McDermond
Xenotropic Systems
mcdermj at xenotropic.com

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