[mythtv] EIT broken in SVN ?

Dave dave at 0bits.com
Mon Feb 25 19:37:06 UTC 2008

Daniel said:
 > You have it backward:
 >  active scanning happens when the tuner is not recording
 >  passive scanning happens when the tuner is recording
 > The breakage of passive scanning is a known bug that Stuart A is
 > looking at; this is the one you tested with epgsnoop. Active scanning
 > is working for everyone else, so if that is broken for you then there
 > is either a configuration error on your part or an unknown bug which
 > needs to be fixed.

Thanks for the clarification. Seems to be counter intuitive since one 
would expect when the tuner is not recording it is 'passive'. Oh well.

Anyhow, then it surely appears to be a bug since it is not working for 
me when the tuner is idle or not. I posted the '-v eit' when the tuner 
is off (backend is idle) and no EPG is collected, however running 
epgsnoop at the same time *does* collect data. This also is the same 
behavior when the tuner is on - i.e. no EPG data collected, no o/p from 
the backend either. Seems like the thread is not running properly to do 
the EPG gathering.


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