[mythtv] EIT broken in SVN ?

Daniel Kristjansson danielk at cuymedia.net
Mon Feb 25 19:27:23 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-02-25 at 23:02 +0400, Dave wrote:
> Daniel said:
>  >
>  > Active scanning can not work while you ae watching LiveTV or making a
>  > recording. It is only started after the recorder has been unused for
>  > a while. To test active scanning make sure it is enabled and then let
>  > the backend run unattended for a while with "-v eit" after a few
>  > minutes it should start scanning all your transports. (You can modify
>  > the timeouts for active scanning in mythtv-setup under the General
>  > pane.)
> Unless i'm mistaken you're talking about passive scanning when the tuner 
> is not recording (or watching live tv). And i believe EIT updates can 
> take place when watching livetv - infact that is how i tested epgsnoop 
> whilst *watching* live tv and it gave me EPG data.
> Please refer to my previous email, there is *no* EPG data retrieved when 
> watching livetv and no messages from '-v eit' either. Everything is 
> setup correctly and worked as expected in a previous svn a while ago, so 
> it is surely broken recently.

You have it backward:
  active scanning happens when the tuner is not recording
  passive scanning happens when the tuner is recording

The breakage of passive scanning is a known bug that Stuart A is looking
at; this is the one you tested with epgsnoop. Active scanning is working
for everyone else, so if that is broken for you then there is either a
configuration error on your part or an unknown bug which needs to be

-- Daniel

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