[mythtv] Plugin destroy problem again

Scott McElveen scott_mcelveen at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 25 13:23:14 UTC 2008

Hi everyone
sorry to ask again on the same topic
the last question i asked was about my plugin's destroy method not firing, and i discovered mythpluginapi.h (if that's the right filename).  This is only in the latest code though, and my dissertation supervisor has asked me to stick with the stable version.  I notice in mythplugin.h there is talk of a destroy method, but when i include it, it does not get called when I exit the frontend.  Is there any advice you could give me?  My init method is returning 0 to indicate successful completion.
Thanks again
The problem I'm having is that I fork a new process and run a server socket in it, but when i close the frontend, that process is still active, and I need a way to close it


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