[mythtv] Patch to autodetect 4:3 Zoom aspect ratio

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Fri Feb 22 13:57:09 UTC 2008

On Friday 22 February 2008 13:22:11 Mårten Bohlin wrote:
> By the way, does anybody have any good pointers on how to run mythtv
> 0.21 without messing up my current 0.20 installation. Or does anybody
> has a good VMware image for developing mythtv that I could copy?

Just upgrade your existing install to 0.21-fixes, it would probably save you a 
lot of trouble.

0.21-fixes is probably more stable than 0.20-fixes for most people. I can't 
guarantee that you will be one of those, but when you run 0.21 for the first 
time it will automatically backup your database, so if you need to revert it 
shouldn't be too difficult. 0.21 will be released in a short while anyway, so 
it's not as though 0.21-fixes is a development or unstable branch.
Stuart Morgan

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