[mythtv] Some new features

Steven Adeff adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 19:23:28 UTC 2008

On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 9:17 AM, Gordan Krešić <gkresic at htpchouse.com> wrote:
> As a HTPC enthusiast and do-it-yourself kind of geek, I'm appreciating
>  Possibly a small hack would be very appreciated - to implement "Are
>  you sure?" dialog when trying to exit live TV playback, like the one

already there, at least in SVN, which is what I'm running.

>  live with extra caution on Escape key :) Ideally, this option should
>  be configurable, because not all users will want that extra click to
>  exit live TV playback.

perhaps you just haven't turned it on?

>  Another feature is a bit more complicated - it would be useful from
>  the standpoint of someone who do not want whole Myth package to
>  modularize Myth in the way that every module has its own executable,
>  just like Live TV playback has its own "mythtv" executable. In that
>  scenario, mythfrontend would implement menu system only, and all
>  "real" functionalities would be in separate executables. Again,
>  configurable option for extra question upon exiting would be useful in
>  all that modules for the same reasons I've described in previous
>  paragraph.

I don't see how this is useful really. It would seem to make more
sense to make a plugin for MythTV to do whatever other stuff you want
to do than to make MythTV conform to your single-use application.
Beyond the usefulness, it would also be difficult to do since the main
mythfrontend executable is what manages all the GUI stuff so to create
each plugin as its own independent application would require you to
basically build a separate mythfrontend for each plugin.

>  Last, but not less important, would be ability to choose different
>  ALSA mixers for different Myth modules. For majority who do not need
>  that functionality, default setting should remain just like it does
>  today, but in configuration of each module option for overriding that
>  default with specific setting affecting only that module would be
>  nice.

MythMusic already has this AFAIR. Since there are really only two
"parts" of MythTV that produce sound, the internal player for videos
and MythTV, I don't see what more separation you would need?


finally, this is not a -dev question, and feature requests don't
belong on the email lists. feature discussions are permissable on the
user list, and if your actually developing a feature and would like
help then this list can be used, but all feature requests should be
made on the wiki's wishlist page.


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