[mythtv] EIT triggered crashes (trunk)

David david at unsolicited.net
Wed Feb 20 21:21:52 UTC 2008

Daniel Kristjansson wrote:
> QRegExp is by no means thread safe, what I was trying to say is that
> we make sure that it is only used in one thread.. except maybe, if
> we use deleteLater() for any of those objects, do we?
I've been looking at the Qt source, and QRegExp is indeed reentrant, but 
it looks to me like the caching is keyed off the QThreadInstance. Since 
the tv_rec threads are not created by QThread() (from what I can see 
they are created with a direct pthread() call) they won't have a 

This looks very bad to me, but I've probably missed something.

Enough for tonight.


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