[mythtv] Recordings Sports Feature Wish/Development

Taco Mel taco_mel at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 19 22:10:09 UTC 2008

> Look in libs/libmythtv/programinfo.cpp and search
> for "Change Ending
> Time".  That's where the new ending time is entered.
>  The GUI creates
> an override rule if the recording already for a
> single recording and
> then allows the user to edit the ending time. 
> Actually, the user can
> change anything in the rule, but only changes to the
> ending time will
> take effect.

Would it be correct to state that the "override rule"
you described is created within the "memory" of the
running scheduler process, so to speak, and that it is
not written to or defined within the SQL database? 
What is needed for a sports feature is to be able to
create the override rule from outside of the MythTV
GUI.  Two ways I can think of would be a database
query, or on the command line with something like
"mythbackend --resched --chanid XXX --newendtime

What about a corresponding function to modify the
start time of a particular recording (which has not
started yet, obviously, since if it started already
such modification would be pointless).  I am thinking
here of the CBS Eye-Lerts  etc., where you would want
to start and end a recording late that follows a
variable-length program such as a sports event.

I want to avoid hacking at the code, creating new
database tables, etc., just for my own purposes.  I
want to discover the "official" way.  So I can sum
this up in one question - what is the SQL query, or
command line, to adjust the start time and end time of
a particular recording without modifying the rule itself?

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