[mythtv] Critical Win32 patch

Andrei Tanas andrei at tanas.ca
Mon Feb 18 19:09:50 UTC 2008

On Mon, 18 Feb 2008 02:08:50 -0500, Andrei Tanas <andrei at tanas.ca> wrote:
> Hi,
> I recommend those interested in Win32 patches to look at tickets 4698
> through 4702.
> 4699 (fullscreen mode) requires some digging. I spent several hours on
> and got too frustrated to continue. Hopefully, someone else might be more
> lucky chasing that stuff.
> http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/4698
> http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/4699
> http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/4700
> http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/4701
> http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/4702

Also, see ticket 4706 (http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/4706) for a
critical mythsocket patch.

With all these applied, I think I can finally say that I have a stable
Win32 frontend.

It's now time to think about implementing the rest of the features (dvd
playback, music etc).

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