[mythtv] French translation of MythTV and HOWTO

Ookaze BioACobol ookaze at mail.ookaze.fr
Sun Feb 17 09:00:16 UTC 2008


Is someone working on the french translation of MythTV (mythtv and
mythplugins) ?
If yes, can we discuss the state of the french translation ?
If not, I'll probably make patches for this.
What's the preferred way to post the patches : one ticket for each file,
or one ticket for every files of one type, or one ticket for every
file ?

Rationale :
The translation has always been in a very sorry state : largely
incomplete, lots of spelling and grammar errors, no consistency, bad
translation due to too much adaptation or due to lack of knowledge, ...
which accentuate the feeling that MythTV is hard to use, some parts are
just downright impossible to use for non-english speaking users bringing
big usability issues, and finally, I'm tired to see so much english in
the french interface, right from the MythWelcome screen.

What I've been doing :
I don't know if there is a maintainer, but I started translating
everything concerning the french translation, .ts files, .lang
files, ...
I have put some "convention" file too, so that we can agree with the
french maintainer on what we should call things, instead of having 4
different translations for the same thing, or the same translation for 2
different things (which make some settings even more impossible to
understand, like I discovered while doing the translations).
I've also started a translation of the MythTV HOWTO in french on the
Wiki of mythtv-fr site, but I also plan to translate the linuxdoc file.
Though I'll wait for the 0.21 version before doing that, and will finish
the french Wiki first, based on 0.20.27.

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