[mythtv] Cannot scheduling currently viewed program to record - 0.21-fixes (r16102)

Matt Doran matt.doran at papercut.com
Sun Feb 17 02:29:08 UTC 2008

Hello again,

Another problem I've encountered with recent builds is a problem 
scheduling the currently viewed program for recording using the guide.  
To reproduce:

    * Start watching live TV
    * Enter the guide (i.e. with the TV still running embedded in the guide)
    * The selection will be set to the current program.
    * Press the record button.
    * But instead of recording the show it's status becomes: "Single
      Record +1 Later Showing". 

So it appears to be confused that I'm actually watching that show now.  
Even if I exit LiveTV, the show will not be recorded and still has the 
"later showing" status.

If I press "record", while viewing the show (not in the guide) the 
recording works as expected.

Once in this state, it's difficult to figure out how to record the show, 
bad for the WAF. :)   

The guide also gets confused, even if press "enter" and change the 
recording options to "Do not record this program", the guide continues 
to display the single record "S" on the show and the status remains 
"Single Record Later Showing".  But if I go back into the program 
recording options, it's still set to "Do not record this program".

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