[mythtv] Memory leaks in 0.20.2-0ubuntu10.1

Neeraj Gupta ngupta44 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 08:40:04 UTC 2008

I started using the mythtv recently and noticed severe memory leak symptoms.
The system is x86 Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy upto date on 2/10/2008. Mythtv version
is 0.20.2.
I have 2GB RAM. When system boots up, I run several apps and close them
after some time (for testing) and memory usage is normal... even goes down
when I close all apps. Seen in top, saider, vmstat etc.
But when I start using mythtvfrontend on a network client, the memory
utilization starts going up and hits 95%. Even after stopping frontend and
backend, it never recovers. System swap usage also starts.
Note: I never use frontend on same system as backend. This is a client
server setup using 100 half duplex HUB.
I am in process of upgrading my n/w gear but it will remain as
client-server. My mythtv server is kind of headless.

any input is appreciated.

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