[mythtv] mythweb transcode and stream functions

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Tue Feb 12 05:55:53 UTC 2008

> 	I switched to VLC and now, when I click the ASX stream button,
> 	I get a good stream. Too good, actually, 6mb/s at the recorded
> 	resolution of 720x480, i.e. too fast for good streaming over
> 	anything but a wired connection (hey, what can I say, my
> 	home wireless struggles with it, but I digress...)

Mythweb doesn't do any transcoding or anything like that.  The asx  
file is just contains a reference to download the recording from  
mythweb, which basically lets you watch while you download vs waiting  
for the download to finish before watching, if you just clicked the  
download link.

> 	I found the settings page, thanks, which is a nice bit of work,
> 	and I enabled that feature. Like everyone else I have the zero
> 	size thumbnail problem. I can "find" the zero size thumbnail
> 	on the recorded programs page and either click on that or the
> 	name to get to the recording details page. However I can't find
> 	the thumbnail to click on the details page so I can't get to
> 	the flash player. The ASX stream button on that page works also
> 	though.

Odd.  Use firefox?  The zero-byte thumbnails show up as black squares  
for me.


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