[mythtv] Freesat (UK)

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Mon Feb 11 13:00:56 UTC 2008

David Matthews wrote:
> John wrote:
>> Chris Birkinshaw wrote:
>>> I would recommend that anyone interesting in getting mythtv compatible 
>>> with Freesat have a look at the BBCs transponder 4 (the one that has 
>>> the HD service on).
>> Probably old news, but I see that BBC 1 East (W) is currently displaying 
>> a red button, which leads to a screen similar to the BBC Freeview 
>> screen. It has Freesat Trial text service written on it.
>> Seems to partially work on current svn, in so far as I get the butons, 
>> an can read the news, but seems to only partially respond to button 
>> presses. Fun to play with for somebody who knows what they are doing 
>> though :-)
> Thanks for pointing that out.  It's on the 10847V transponder which is 
> the same as the HD service so this is obviously the one they're using 
> for testing.
> The MHEG profile for Freesat apparently includes features that aren't 
> used on Freeview so aren't currently implemented in Myth.  From what 
> I've been able to see this includes the Slider class which is in the 
> 1.06 profile for Freeview but not actually transmitted, presumably 
> because many of the set top boxes out there only support the 1.05 
> profile.  I'm trying to get information about the Freesat profile 
> although it's possible to work out some of it from the MHEG standard.
do we have any idea where, when and how the EPG will be broadcast?

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