[mythtv] LastFM support in MythMusic

Willem Ligtenberg wligtenberg at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 08:03:40 UTC 2008

Yes, ofcourse we should get together!
But I do think we should think on how to put it into MythTV.
Because it should be very easy.
Do you have a SVN repository or something?
(By the way, does uitzendinggemist work?! Cool!)
As far as I can see now, your plugin allows to play any stream, if you
show it where it is. But I think that last.fm should work more like
the software player they have available.
But I will ask in the IRC channel about where people think it should
go. If many people want it, maybe we should work to get it into
MythMusic instead of a unofficial plugin.



On Feb 10, 2008 3:00 PM, Eric <ericgies at kabelfoon.nl> wrote:
> On 10 February 2008 14:20:10 Willem Ligtenberg wrote:
> > Hi,
> > Recently I thought that it would be nice to have LastFM support build
> > into MythTV.
> > Today I am starting on the quest of trying to add it to MythTV. Yes
> > you have heart it right!
> > So I started on the wiki and I have noticed that it is in the feature
> > request for MythMusic.
> > Now, I must admit I have not developed a MythTV plugin before, so I
> > might ask for quite a bit of help, but I hope to get some help from
> > the veterans out here.
> > I will explain my ideas here:
> > First of all, one should be able to set the username somewhere in the
> > configuration screen.
> > The the lastfm support should be in play music, but as it is now, it
> > will go straight into a playlist.
> > And at least with the version I am using, I think the way to edit the
> > playlist is not very easy.
> > So my idea would be to add another menu-item which would say play
> > lastfm (or maybe play webradio?)
> > Then if lastfm is concerned it would take you to another menu, from
> > which you can choose:
> > My playlist
> > My Recommendations
> > My radiostation
> > My loved tracks
> > My neighbourhood
> > Specify other radio station by tag or artist
> >
> > after selection it will play the music and scrobble it, scrobbling
> > might be turned of from configuration or during playback.
> >
> > So what do you think of these ideas?
> > I hope that the learning will be easy :)
> >
> > Cheers,
> >
> > Willem Ligtenberg
> I'm working on LastFM integration for mythstream. Currently it can stream
> stations (neighbourhood, recommendations, etc) and fetch and display album
> art. Scrobbling and skipping tracks does work - with issues. Before
> publishing, I want to resolve those issues, and connect using the new API
> (using the old one).
> Maybe we can work together on this feature?
> Eric.
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