[mythtv] mythweb transcode and stream functions

Rob Smith kormoc at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 21:58:16 UTC 2008

On Feb 10, 2008 12:54 PM, Scott Traurig <straurig at comcast.net> wrote:
> Running 0.21 build 15578 under ubuntu.
> I know I can transcode to flash, I just went through the big exercise last
> night of completely rebuilding ffmpeg with everything. It's tested and it
> works. I can run it as a user job, etc. I've picked up on the old
> mythexpire.pl script so I can kill off old flash files, etc. But it all
> falls apart when it comes to mythweb.

MythWeb's current flash player doesn't actually use pretranscoded
files, it'll transcode on the fly, so no need to setup any user jobs
or expiring. it's all cleaned up for you automagically.

> 1)       Click on the title of a recorded program in mythweb and it shows
> options for "Transcode" and "Transcode to Flash for Streaming". Where can I
> set those transcoder settings?

"Transcode to Flash for Streaming" isn't implemented. I actually
wasn't aware it was even an option yet.

> 2)       When I click on the ASX stream button it launches Windows Media
> Player on my Windows laptop which then sits and says "Connecting to media"
> forever. Meanwhile network activity on the ubuntu machine max's out. Not
> sure what's going on here. It almost seems like it's trying to download the
> entire mpg file to the PC first.

Depending on the media player, that could very well be what it does.
It's a well known limitation sadly.

So in short, go to mythweb's settings and enable flash video playing,
then go to the recorded programs page, click on the name to view the
recording details. Where the preview picture is, you should be able to
click on it to activate the player and then press the play button to
get it started.

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