[mythtv] LastFM support in MythMusic

Willem Ligtenberg wligtenberg at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 13:20:10 UTC 2008

Recently I thought that it would be nice to have LastFM support build
into MythTV.
Today I am starting on the quest of trying to add it to MythTV. Yes
you have heart it right!
So I started on the wiki and I have noticed that it is in the feature
request for MythMusic.
Now, I must admit I have not developed a MythTV plugin before, so I
might ask for quite a bit of help, but I hope to get some help from
the veterans out here.
I will explain my ideas here:
First of all, one should be able to set the username somewhere in the
configuration screen.
The the lastfm support should be in play music, but as it is now, it
will go straight into a playlist.
And at least with the version I am using, I think the way to edit the
playlist is not very easy.
So my idea would be to add another menu-item which would say play
lastfm (or maybe play webradio?)
Then if lastfm is concerned it would take you to another menu, from
which you can choose:
My playlist
My Recommendations
My radiostation
My loved tracks
My neighbourhood
Specify other radio station by tag or artist

after selection it will play the music and scrobble it, scrobbling
might be turned of from configuration or during playback.

So what do you think of these ideas?
I hope that the learning will be easy :)


Willem Ligtenberg

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