[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] mythtv commit: r15787 by nigel

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Fri Feb 8 01:39:39 UTC 2008

> Apparently, qmake behavior in subdirs with no .pro file is  
> different on
> different platforms.

Here is what MinGW does for me:

Administrator at TELSTRA-378D254 /c/Documents and Settings/Administrator/ 
$ cd /c/mythtv/mythplugins/

Administrator at TELSTRA-378D254 /c/mythtv/mythplugins
$ ls cleanup
ls: cleanup: No such file or directory

Administrator at TELSTRA-378D254 /c/mythtv/mythplugins
$ PATH=/c/msys/1.0/qt-3.3.x-p8/bin:$PATH

Administrator at TELSTRA-378D254 /c/mythtv/mythplugins
$ export QTDIR=/c/msys/1.0/qt-3.3.x-p8/

Administrator at TELSTRA-378D254 /c/mythtv/mythplugins
$ export QMAKESPEC=win32-g++

Administrator at TELSTRA-378D254 /c/mythtv/mythplugins
$ ./configure --prefix=/usr
MythMusic requires FLAC.
MythMusic requires libcdaudio.
MythMusic requires the LAME mp3 encoder.
MythMusic requires taglib 1.4.
Disabling MythMusic due to missing dependencies.
Disabling MythZoneMinder. Requires mysql/mysql.h header
Disabling MythBrowser due to missing KDE development packages.

Configuration settings:

         MythArchive    plugin will be built
         MythBrowser    plugin will not be built
         MythControls   plugin will be built
         MythFlix       plugin will be built
         MythGallery    plugin will be built
         MythGame       plugin will be built
         MythMusic      plugin will not be built
         MythNews       plugin will be built
         MythPhone      plugin will be built
         MythVideo      plugin will be built
         MythWeather    plugin will be built
         MythZoneMinder plugin will not be built
         MythMovies     plugin will be built
         OpenGL         support will not be included in MythGallery
         EXIF           support will be included in MythGallery
         FESTIVAL       support will not be included in MythPhone

Administrator at TELSTRA-378D254 /c/mythtv/mythplugins

Of course, other parts of SVN head don't build right now,
but the cleanup rule isn't breaking anything for me.

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