[mythtv] Key issues.

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Feb 7 22:17:27 UTC 2008

On 02/07/2008 03:25 PM, mythtv at longhome.co.uk wrote:
> I’m using the SVN Trunk (updated last night), and I seem to be getting 
> some issues with the program guide. I’ve put it some debug to see what 
> the actions returned, but I don’t seem to be getting much further.
> In the program guide, SELECT seems to be working no-longer. I have had 
> to switch to CHANUPDATE.
> In TV Playback, in LiveTV, GUIDE seems pause and open the non-preview 
> guide (as if I was playing a recording). If I exit back out, and press 
> GUIDE again, it works correctly the second time.
> Any ideas?

Yeah. Read the commit lists. Sorry, couldn't resist. ;)

> I’ll keep digging in the mean time (trying not to interrupt the wife’s 
> ‘Masterchef’)

You're (also) seeing http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/4589 , which 
should have been fixed 2 days ago. I haven't tested it (and don't even 
really understand the description as I don't use LiveTV, so I'm not sure 
how it's supposed to work). Also, see 
http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/changeset/15736 as it may be related. Chris 
Pinkham could probably tell you more (and will probably do so or will 
confirm that I'm wrong and it's not related to his commit).


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