[mythtv] Python and MythTV?

magneticneck magneticneck at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 15:09:04 UTC 2008


We would like to build a pluggin to MythTV that can get/send data (text and
possibly some pictures) to another GNU Linux command line application. But
here comes the deal; we only know how to program in Python and I wonder if
it is possible to create what I want to do with that?

We already know how to interact with our command line app, but, we would
like to have some guidance towards connecting the command line app to
MythTv. Basically we want to search a web site, and then return the text
back to MythTv in a simplified format.

Does anyone have any examples on how to do this? I cant find anything on the
net about it.

Sincerely yours
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