[mythtv] Mythwelcome DPMS/screensaver issue

Matt Doran matt.doran at papercut.com
Tue Feb 5 02:31:17 UTC 2008

Brad DerManouelian wrote:
> On Feb 3, 2008, at 11:26 PM, Matt Doran wrote:
>> i there,
>> I've found a fairly new problem (last month or 2) in mythwelcome.  In
>> mythwelcome, once the screen is blanked by DPMS/screensaver, pressing
>> keys no longer re-activates the display.  Even pressing "enter" to  
>> start
>> the frontend doesn't activate the display.
> Which screensaver are you using? xscreensaver should work (does for  
> me). Anything else probably won't.
> Also, this is a user question. You're using it aren't you? ;)
I don't use a screensaver as such.  I think it's DPMS (??) in X, the 
screen is blanked and the output to the screen is disabled.  So that it 
takes advantage of power saving.

The screen blanks fine ... however pressing keys on the remote do not 
re-enable the screen.  Even hitting enter to go into the frontend 
doesn't enable the screen.  It will only enable once I hit the remote 
after the frontend is loaded.

This did work up until the last month or so.


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