[mythtv] question about changeset 11403

Scott D. Davilla davilla at 4pi.com
Sun Feb 3 18:29:51 UTC 2008

Changeset 11403 (Copies ATSC Caption descriptor from VCT to PMT in 
DVBRecorder ) reference ticket 1095 (Improve EIA-708 caption decoding)

 From the description,

"Terrestrial ATSC is not required to have a caption descriptor in the 
PMT, this copies it over from the VCT when it isn't in the PMT. Since 
we don't save the VCT in our DVB recordings we need these descriptors 
in the PMT so we can inform the user of the language and other 
properties of their caption streams."

Since the HDHomeRun can also capture terrestrial ATSC, should it also 
have a similar patch. I can do a patch but I'm just asking if I'm 
overlooking something.


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