[mythtv] Mytharchivehelper and streaminfo problems

Paul Harrison mythtv at dsl.pipex.com
Sun Feb 3 10:26:11 UTC 2008

Otto Kolsi wrote:
> Paul Harrison wrote:
>> Otto Kolsi wrote:
>>> Some recorded files cause problems in MythArchive because video
>>> resolution is detected as 0x0. Timings/lengths might also be wrong.
>> If you play the file using 'ffplay -stats FILENAME' does the dump stream
>> info thats displayed show the correct resolution and does that differ
>> from the dump stream info displayed when mytharchivehelper is run?
> I fetched and compiled fresh ffmpeg ([11634]) and tried ffplay with
> several problematic recordings. In all cases ffplay dumps valid
> resolution. I've attached one example where is relevant parts of data
> from mytharchive, streaminfo.xml and ffplay.
>> It should be possible to change mytharchivehelper to decode a few video
>> frames and get the resolution that way if necessary.
> This is just guessing, but would it be possible to advance the
> position from where the stream info is fetched? So that if we don't
> receive valid info, try 3-5 times and each time go bit further? If the
> beginning of the stream is somehow corrupted and working values can be
> fetched little bit further..

Otto any chance of cutting the first minute or two from a problem file
and providing it for download somewhere?

Paul H.

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