[mythtv] Anduin: Mythvideo Proposal - recently added, recently watched

Bill Stewart wstewart at hgrace.com
Wed Dec 24 00:34:49 UTC 2008

I have an idea for mythvideo with respect to adding filters for recently added and recently watched.  I know there is an existing ticket (5338) for the recently watched but I have an alternate implementation in mind.

I would like to work on this over the holidays but want to run the idea past you first before working on it.  And also to check if you or someone else is already working on something similar.

1. Add two date fields to videometadata date_added and last_watched.
2. data_added gets set by the videomanager when the video is added
3. last_watched is after exiting watching a video
4. Add two more fields on the filter screen.  The filters could be a list of the last day, last 5 days, last 10 days, 15, 30 or something like that.

The patch will be against trunk.  What do you think?  Last question, should I post the patch to ticket 5338 or create a new ticket?

I have a few other ideas, but one at a time.

By the way I'm the same person that did the cast patch to mythvideo, just changed email addresses a few times since then.

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