[mythtv] #5900: AO: Generalise upmix and AC-3 encoding

foo bar foobum at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 19:40:26 UTC 2008

2008/12/17 MythTV <mythtv at cvs.mythtv.org>:
> #5900: AO: Generalise upmix and AC-3 encoding
> Comment(by elkin at elkin.de):
>  hi, I am currently using audioencoding-fixes-6.patch and it works, thanks
>  foobum! but I had to manually apply a few lines, as it does not cleanly
>  apply to mythtv - 0.21.0+fixes19084.

Thanks, will pull and upload new patches.

>  I know I am not supposed to be asking for features in trac, but it's
>  Christmas: I would like to be able to preset the upmix toggle to "off" by
>  default, and to be able to switch between 2ch and 5.1ch mode. Possible?

The last update "fixed" this - previously you could toggle regardless
of MaxChannels setting. However this meant people with 2ch analog out
could turn on the upmixer resulting in a mess. Proper solution would,
I guess, be two settings: MaxChannels and DefaultChannels but this
means another config option. Opinions?

>  seems like #5477 was closed because this patch should do this, but just
>  disabling upmix leaves me with all sound coming out of all 5 speakers and
>  not only the desired 2ch stereo.

Hmm. What do you mean by "disabling upmix"? Setting MaxChannels to 2
or toggling off the upmixer? In either case myth should produce 2ch
output - is ALSA (or whatever) configured to upmix / replicate

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