[mythtv] Live transcode while recording

Jonny B jon.the.wise.gdrive at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 13:12:24 UTC 2008

> Keep the thread ON TOPIC, that means no more discussion about flash streaming,
> the iPhone or for that matter any other remotely connected subject which
> doesn't in some way help Rene with his objective.

Sorry, I guess I misunderstood the problem. In the message I was
replying to, he merely stated that he wanted a way to stream live tv
and recordings over the internet. He stated that he wasn't concerned
about the client, based on that, how is the flash portion of mythweb
NOT a way for him to reach his objective? It seemed to me to be the
ideal solution, if stable.

I am not a dev, so am not as familiar with the code as many of you,
and sometimes all I have is conjecture. What about the way that bttv
cards record? Those are encoding on the fly as they record, in
software... is there any way to implement that into the transcoder?

If possible, you could have it record the show off a HD card, and
write the stream to disk, as myth currently does, but in parallel, you
could pipe the file to the transcoder to save it in a second format
for low def frontends and internet streaming. The original recording
would act as a buffer, so that if your CPU wasn't up to doing it in
realtime, that wouldn't be an issue.  As a bonus, people could
continue to use their older TVs (in the basement, or kids room?) with
low powered frontends, and still have the high definition recording
available for the more powerful frontends. You would likely need to
add a setting in the frontend that tells the backend which version of
the file you wished to use.


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