[mythtv] Database schema checker

ian dobson i.dobson at planet-ian.com
Sun Aug 31 09:30:41 UTC 2008

Ian Dobson

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From: "Otto Kolsi" <otto at kolsi.fi>
To: "Development of mythtv" <mythtv-dev at mythtv.org>
Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2008 11:18 AM
Subject: Re: [mythtv] Database schema checker

Otto Kolsi wrote:
> I have 4 zero-length files in LiveTV recgroup and for these the -r
> option prints out warning that these recordings "do not appear to have
> seeklist". What might be clearer is a warning about zero-length
> recording files?

>As a side note.. I had first time ever mythbackend CPU sky rocket to
>150-200% when I tried to check out Recorded Programs page for LiveTV
>group in MythWeb. This has to have something to do with zero-length
>recordings, I had 4 of those on that page..
>   Otto

I imagine the backend is trying to create the png images and is blowing up 
caused by the 0 byte file.

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