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ian dobson i.dobson at planet-ian.com
Sun Aug 31 09:13:48 UTC 2008

Hi Otto,

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ian dobson wrote:
> Try with the -r option :-
>   -r Check recordings (from DB)
>   -f Check files on fs
>   -v Verbose
>   -c Check Channels
>   -a Enable all options
>   -b Black/White output
>   -H This text
> The -f option checks files in the fs against the DB. The -r option
> checks the recorded DB against the file system. The option -a enables
> all checks maybe it's a good idea to use "|more" as it produces alot of
> output.

>I have 4 zero-length files in LiveTV recgroup and for these the -r
>option prints out warning that these recordings "do not appear to have
>seeklist". What might be clearer is a warning about zero-length
>recording files?

With the -f option I just test if the file exists in the recorded DB and 
then in the seek DB and if not I display an error.

>But in addition to this, there are still couple of entries in DB that do
>not have any corresponding file in filesystem and the script does not
>seem to be able find them.

Can you provide me with abit more info? the values from the recorded DB 
should be enough.

>And to go one step further.. for some reason there are several programs
>in LiveTV group that have all the FS<->DB info correct, but are too old.
>So these have not been cleaned out after 1 day, but are e.g. 6-12 months
>old. This is also a case where some info would be nice from the script.

OK when I get the chance I'll have a look at adding an age warning if a 
liveTV recording is older than X days.

>Also, script does not take into account all the possible values in
>'commlagged' field in recorded table. I've just updated the
>corresponding page in wiki:
>Maybe the commfree (3) status could be taken into account when checking
>markup entries and printing warnings?

Thanks for adding the info the wiki, I've been fighting with the database 
schema since starting this project as the only documentation for some DB 
fields is the source code and it's a pain to scan through the code looking 
for defs.
>   Otto

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