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Kevin Kuphal kkuphal at gmail.com
Fri Aug 29 14:12:25 UTC 2008

I wanted to forward this to mythtv-dev because the discussion has revealed
what I think might be a deficiency in the storage group weighting.

According to the information I've found during the discussion, Myth will
prefer local storage to remote storage for the first 2 simultaneous
recordings using a weighting system.  The issue that I see is that for a
user with local + remote storage, unless they have multiple tuners *and* are
recording multiple shows, the remote storage will *never* get used.  This
seems far from a useful default setting.  For a user with a single tuner, it
is even worse since there is no possibility of the remote storage getting
Is it worth considering adding some additional logic to the weighting so
that if the system has only one tuner or only one recording in operation
that the weighting be balanced for round-robin recording to remote storage?
Otherwise it seems that the value of Storage Group weighting for single
tuner systems with local + remote storage is zero.

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Kevin Kuphal <kkuphal at gmail.com> says:
> I'm not sure if a blanket 0 weight is best or dynamically weighting
> it to zero in single tuner/recording scenarios but leaving it as-is
> for others is best.

The intricacies of the weighting system are beyond me, too; way too
many possible permutations of tuners, backends, and local and remote
drives. I'm glad you seem to agree that the current default setting is
hard to justify, though. I continue to believe that a blanket 0 weight
to SGweightLocalStarting is an improvement over the status quo.

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