[mythtv] Trying to get DirectFB to work

Frank Muenchow beebof at gmx.de
Thu Aug 28 22:58:50 UTC 2008


I'm trying to use DirectFB for my myth-setup. MPlayer is working fine 
with -vo directfb.

At first, I installed qt-embedded-4.4.1 and DirectFB-1.2.3.

In myth, I had to change videoout_directfb.cpp (see attachment).
(the change is very very bad - I know, but I don't know yet anything 
about Release() - the API of DirectFB doesn't say anything about it)

Next problems were (nearly all) .pro files:
I don't have OpenGL at the moment, but it always tries to link against 
OpenGL, so this needs to be changed:
  #The following line was inserted by qt3to4
-QT += network xml  sql opengl qt3support
+QT += network xml  sql qt3support

After that, myth compiled fine and started without any problems (with 
option -qws). I saw the main menu as usual. But there are three problems 
at the moment:
1. myth starts in a window
2. There is always the mouse cursor visible
3. Playback of Recordings (and LiveTV) does not work. It seems that NVP 
is not starting - but I don't know why. You find a (shortened) log in 
the attachments.

I read in the list, that DirectFB isn't really maintained. But maybe 
there is someone who can give me a hint where the problems could lie and 
how they may be solved.

-- Frank

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