[mythtv] Patches in Ubuntu Intrepid

John reidjr at btconnect.com
Thu Aug 28 19:41:07 UTC 2008

Sorry this won't thread possibly, the mailing list seems to have failed 
on me recently, so only saw this in the archives.

* 25_skiploop_option.dpatch: pulled from
http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/4653 - won't be committed as it is now.

Very happy to see this included, at least as a stopgap till janne 
finishes doing it properly. (I see he has already picked up that I had 
it dependent on dual core ....)

Bit OT,  but when this is all committed, will it only be picked up by a 
Mythbuntu 8.04 dist-upgrade ? Or will it be available for 8.04.


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