[mythtv] MythUI porting

Johan Venter mythtv at vulturest.com
Wed Aug 20 01:43:29 UTC 2008

Steve Hodge wrote:
>     This isn't about what countries use the English language, it's a visual
>     representation of the languages origin - Language selection vs Country
>     selection. Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders and at least a
>     dozen other
>     countries, some who are not even in the Commonwealth, use English,
>     yet they
>     aren't part of the UK but I don't forsee them getting upset about
>     which flag
>     is used.
> As a New Zealander I can tell you that people here are far more familiar 
> with the Union Flag than with the St George Cross. My opinion is that 
> the Union Flag is the best symbol to use to indicate (non-American) 
> "English".

Agreed. While it is obvious to me that the St. George Cross represents 
English, I think it would be more obvious to more people if you used the 
generally accepted Union Flag to represent English.

Of course, when I say "generally accepted" I mean "everyone else seems 
to do it that way". No point changing what people are used to in the 
quest for origin "purity".


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