[mythtv] MythUI miscellany

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Thu Aug 14 00:15:01 UTC 2008

On Thursday 14 August 2008 00:56:50 Nigel Pearson wrote:
> 1) MythConfirmationDialog always has focus on the
> Cancel button, even when that button isn't shown,
> which is causing Enter/Return to do nothing.
> Looks like AddFocusableChildrenToList() doesn't
> take visibility into consideration.
> I will patch this soon.

It does as of about a week ago, have you updated in the last few days?

> 2) A screen stack may contain several children,
> but PopScreen() will only remove the top one.

Just curious what you have planned?

> Any chance of something like:
> void MythScreenStack::PopScreen(MythScreenType *screen)
> or
> void MythScreenStack::DeleteScreen(MythScreenType *screen)

Well there is a plan to allow the screen under the current one to be popped in 
order to support view changes e.g. mythvideo

> 3) Most of the MythPopupBox::showOkPopup() calls in
> libmyth/{backendselect,mythcontext,mythmediamonitor}.cpp
> are informational, and do not need slots/events.
> I think we need:
> MythConfirmPopup(const QString &msg);

Well you can suggest it to Isaac, but when I floated the idea of having the 
popup dialogs add themselves to the stack he wasn't in favour. You could 
create a new ConfirmPopup member for those classes which would avoid the 
repetition and also prevent multiple confirmation dialogs being opened at the 
same time - this is what I've done with dialogs in a couple of locations in 
the plugins.

I'm not sure we always want to assume that dialogs will be in the popup stack, 
there may be times when they'll be needed elsewhere.

> 4) Constructor methods have inconsistent arg. order:
> MythDialogBox (const QString &text,
>                 MythScreenStack *parent...
> MythConfirmationDialog (MythScreenStack *parent...
> MythUIBusyDialog(const QString &message,
>                   MythScreenStack *parent...
> MythUIProgressDialog(const QString &message,
>                       MythScreenStack *parent...
> MythScreenType(MythScreenStack *parent...
> MythThemedMenu(const QString &cdir, const QString &menufile,
>                 MythScreenStack *parent...

MythThemedMenu has parent first in the new version, I agree it would be nice 
if they were all consistent.
Stuart Morgan

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