[mythtv] R5000 initialization failed

Michael Norton list-mythtv-dev at nospam.mnorton.com
Sat Aug 2 01:20:00 UTC 2008

(I considered posting this on -users, but figured I'll have more luck
here. If I'm in the wrong place, please say so.)

I'm trying to use the patch from Ticket #4752 for R5000 set-top box
support. I applied version R11 of the patch against 0.21-fixes (and
the included USB patch against my kernel modules), but I can't even
get the included test app (r5ktest) to work. It gives me the following

R5000 initialization failed at stage 1:
       Expected 1 bytes, but got -3 bytes
R5000 failed to locate any R5000 devices.  Are you sure you have
permissions set properly?
R5000 was not initialized before r5000_open().  Please call r5000_init() first
R5000 device could not be found/opened

My R5000 hardware is quite new, so I considered that maybe there was
something different about it that the program wasn't expecting. But
when I usbsnooped the firmware upload from a Windows box, I ended up
with the same firmware included with the patch, so that's ruled out. I
don't know what to try next -- anyone?


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