[mythtv] Win32-packager.pl error--problem with path?

Jonathan Larson jtlarson at u.washington.edu
Tue Apr 29 19:16:41 UTC 2008

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On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 1:41 PM, Jonathan Larson <jtlarson at u.washington.edu<mailto:jtlarson at u.washington.edu>> wrote:

I'm using the latest version of the win32-packager.pl script with win32-packager.24.patch applied.

After completing the MySQL install, win32.packager.pl<http://win32.packager.pl> chokes on relative paths inside BASH. I'm wondering if this is reproducible by anyone else or what did I do wrong?


win32-packager.pl output:


COMMENTS: rebuild libmysql.a


shell:C:\MSys\1.0\bin\bash.exe -c "( export PATH=/bin:/mingw/bin:$PATH;cd /mingw

/lib;reimp -d libmysql.lib;dlltool -k --input-def libmysql.def --dllname libmysq

l.dll --output-lib libmysql.a) 2>&1 "

/usr/bin/bash: line 0: cd: /mingw/lib: No such file or directory

/usr/bin/bash: reimp: command not found

/usr/bin/bash: dlltool: command not found


COMMENTS:write the patch for the the mysql.h file


file exists: C:/MinGW/include/mysql___h.patch


COMMENTS:Apply mysql.h patch file, if not already applied....


grep-ing for pattern(\|\| defined\(__MINGW32__\)) in file(C:/MinGW/include/mysql


shell:C:\MSys\1.0\bin\bash.exe -c "( export PATH=/bin:/mingw/bin:$PATH;cd /mingw

/include;patch -p0 < mysql___h.patch) 2>&1 "

/usr/bin/bash: line 0: cd: /mingw/include: No such file or directory

/usr/bin/bash: mysql___h.patch: No such file or directory

grep-ing for pattern(\|\| defined\(__MINGW32__\)) in file(C:/MinGW/include/mysql


EFFECT FAILED (grep -> shell): unable to locate regex pattern (\|\| defined\(__M

INGW32__\)) in file (C:/MinGW/include/mysql.h)

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I believe I've had the same error when doing compile on my machine.
By default under /etc/fstab the mingw entry that I've had was:
c:Mingw /mingw

I had to change that to:
c:/Mingw /mingw for it to work.

I have not had a chance to see why it was defined like that in the first place.

Hope that helps,

Andrei Rjeousski

Changing C:\msys\1.0\etc\fstab as described above fixed the error. Many thanks to Andrei.

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