[mythtv] Freesat (UK)

David Matthews dm at prolingua.co.uk
Tue Apr 29 16:30:17 UTC 2008

Steven Ellis wrote:
> Great to hear you are still working on the MHEG stack. You will be pleased
> to hear your modifications for the NZ profile still work for the new DTT
> transmissions that started this month.

That's good.

> What sort of additions are you needing form Freesat?

The items I've identified so far are:

Use of the Slider class.  This is used for scroll bars to indicate the 
position in news items that span several pages.  I'm adding support for 
this.  It's required by the UK 1.06 profile for Freeview but doesn't 
seem to be used on Freeview in practice.

Use of dynamic line art polygons for arrows.  This seems to be similar 
to the situation in NZ where I added code to do that.  The original code 
doesn't work properly so I've rewritten it.

An additional bitmap content hook value: 5.  The corresponding file 
seems to contain an MPEG I-frame so it just seems to be a synonym for 
the current content hook value of 2 for this.  I can't see any difference.

I was wondering whether there might be other changes but so far I 
haven't seen anything more.


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