[mythtv] Like a noob question (about implement widget features)

Pierre-Olivier Dybman dybman at ece.fr
Tue Apr 29 08:37:57 UTC 2008

Hi everyone,

First of all, some words to introduice myself :
I'm working on set top boxes for a french career (here in France, internet
provider, operators, and TV operator are the same, using converging boxes
with aDSL, IPTV, VoIP and soon some GSM technolgy embedded).
I'm Linux addict but I'm not familiar with Qt (I used to developp in GTK
which is strange since I prefer KDE  environnement ...) so I have some
difficulties to understand the way MythTV should be coded for my needs.

What I'm trying to do :
I'd like MythTV to support widget with overlay. Since I understand it's not
the case, I'd like to add this features from myself. I thought that it was
quiet easy to code a plugin that for but I start thinking that's may not be
the right solution because I didn't see any plugin that implement OSD

So here's the n00b question :
Where should I start ? -_-'

Thank your for reading and thank you for those who wil answer.

Pierre-Olivier Dybman
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