[mythtv] windows packaging script question about QT4/Trunk

Jay Modi jaymode at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 02:48:15 UTC 2008

> That indicates that -r head doesn't work.
> Try -r HEAD instead :-)
>  <http://mythtv.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/mythtv-dev>

I think the -h output needs to be changed then :-). The -r HEAD worked.

C:\Users\jmodi\Desktop>win32-packager.pl -h

-h             This message
-v             Verbose output
-u all|mythtv|mythplugins|myththemes
               Revert instead of checkout !!
-k             Package win32 distribution
-p proxy:port  Your proxy
-r XXXX|head   Your prefered revision (to change revision)
-b             Checkout release-0-xx-fixes instead of trunk
-c debug|release|profile
               Compile type for mythtv/mythplugins [default debug]
-t             Apply post $SVNRELEASE patches [default off]
-l             Make clean
-d             Configure Database [default off]
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