[mythtv] font char width on some osd lines

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sun Apr 27 18:16:58 UTC 2008

On 04/27/2008 10:31 AM, Mark Spieth wrote:
> I think its a combo of non 1:1 pixel aspect and 16:9 video aspect. SD DVB 
> has 720x576 which is 1.25 aspect displayed on a 16:9. I suspect ATSC doesnt 
> have this limitation. so perhaps I can guess most people might refer to 
> those using ATSC.

It's not only 16:9 output, though.  

But, hey, as long as your patch works (and doesn't cause problems on 
systems that previously didn't have problems ;).  I haven't gotten a 
chance to test it, yet, on my system (that never showed any issues), but 
I'm not expecting it to cause problems.


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