[mythtv] plextor convertx, myth 0.21

Andy Colson andy at squeakycode.net
Fri Apr 25 20:00:06 UTC 2008

Chris Pinkham wrote:
> * On Thu Apr 24, 2008 at 09:21:14PM -0500, andy wrote:
>> One of the items on the release notes is:
>>      Added the ability to capture MPEG-2 video from the go7007 driver
> This is MPEG-2 video, it is still in a NuppelVideo container, so you
> can't output it to your PVR-350 without transcoding it using an external
> application and putting it in a mpeg-ps container that the PVR-350 can
> play.
>> In mythtv 0.21, I cannot get it to work.  I cannot find anyplace to set
>> it to mpeg2, so I am assuming that's my problem.
> I can't remember if I added that setting before or after 0.21, but I
> think it was before.  It still is only MPEG-2 video, not a mpeg-ps or
> mpeg-ts container which is what you're thinking of it sounds like.

I had no idea about containers, thank you for the info.

> Allowing people to put MPEG-2 video in a .nuv container was an easy
> change.  Allowing Myth's 'software' encoder to spit out anything other
> than .nuv is a much much larger patch I'm working on.  Eventually you'll
> be able to record straight to mpeg-ps from your ConvertX, but it's slow
> going right now with real life getting in the way of my MythTV coding.

I have done C a while ago, I do delphi, sql, perl, php in the real world 
-- is there anything I can do to help?  (It may slow you down to hand 
hold me a bit, but if there is anything I can help with, I'm willing)

>> In mythtv-setup, I added the device (listed as MPEG-4 plextor convertx).
>> In mythfrontend I go into the recording profiles and select that device.
>>    There is a combo for selecting the encoding but I cannot change it
>> from MPEG-4.
> This setting was not uncommented prior to 0.21 according to my svn-fixes
> checkout.  If you want to try it, you can edit
> libs/libmythtv/recordingprofile.cpp and goto line 863 and uncomment the
> following:
> 	codecName->addSelection("MPEG-2");
>> (I really need it in mpeg-2 because I have a low powered pc and I use a
>> PVR-350 for tv-out.  And it only support mpeg-2.)
> You'll still need to transcode/remux from .nuv to .mpg even if you use
> this setting, but it's much quicker and easier to remux than it is to
> reencode the video.  That's one of the reasons I added this since a few
> people wanted it and it was simple to allow.
> --
> Chris

Yeah, I was worried about transcodeing mpeg4 -> 2 on my low powered pc, 
but this sounds a lot better.

Thank you much for your work on this, I appreciate it.


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