[mythtv] Ticket #5213: Win32 Installer does not copy all plugin files

Arnon Meshoulam (arnonm) arnonm at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 13:38:35 UTC 2008

> Utilized install make which makes the process cleaner and faster.


>(Note that I am not sure about the mixture
>of 'configure --prefix=/' and '--prefix='
>but I committed it anyway.

>I suspect '--prefix=..' is what we need)
I thought so as well, but after lots of testing, it only works this way.
Configure needs a certain setting to complete, while qmake needs another
(can't remember which way)

> Will update mythinstaller.iss with small change required (binaries
> in <install_dir>/bin)

>While you are thinking about that,
>is there an easy way to make shortcuts?

>(either in the install package,
>or as part of running the packager script)
Yes, they are created as part of the setup which is run by the end-user

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