[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #4397: win32 dependancy resolver and build script

buzz davidbuzz at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 12:33:25 UTC 2008

> I believe what Isaac is saying is that it's not useful to have packaging
> scripts in trunk as they change too frequently. He is not saying that the
> script isn't useful, just that it would be better kept somewhere outside
> of
> SVN or at least the main branch.

<caution - some opinion and disagreeable may comments follow (and good ideas
too), if easily offended, please don't continue reading. >

So, let me see if I understand this....?   Your suggestion is to NOT keep
code in SVN because it "changes too frequently"?   Isn't that
back-to-front?    I thought code was kept in SVN especially BECAUSE it
changes frequently!

Oh, and in regards to the "changes frequently"..... the idea for the
win32-packager script is actually that once it's reached maturity it
shouldn't have to change that often, it's just going through growing-pains
at the moment as we (the few authors involved in modifying it) actually get
it to a point where it's as simple  (or simpler) to *build* on the win32
platform as it is on linux.      This is not a tool for just mere "users",
and never will be,  although they are welcome to try (and thus become more
involved as new dev's).

There is however a small section of about a dozen lines that currently
applies specific "known" patches to the code which is, in my opinion (as the
author of it), actually NOT a long-term desirable to have in the state it's
in,  not because it changes too frequently but because it's too reliant on
specific SVN version/s, plugging known temporary flaws, etc.   .....     I'd
be more than pleased if someone could suggest a methodology where-by we
could lookup a "register" or some sort, tell it the branch/SVN details, and
have it give the list of "recommended/suggested" patches to apply, and where
to download them from. (all of this automatically, of course).  Untill then
I can live with just sticking the occasional few lines in SVN, can you?

However that code is less than 5% of the total in win32-packager, and would
be 0% of the total if the relevant patches were reviewed and checked-in in a
more timely fashion, either by more existing people with commit access
getting some interest in Win32 (unlikely, but please surprise me), or by
giving those that are interested and active the ability to work their own
magic in SVN.   (A this point I'd like to praise Nigel's efforts at trying
to keep up with checking-in the periodic flurries of win32 activity, without
him we'd be lost, but even with him we are struggling to get stuff done).

*Suggestion: Perhaps it might suit the existing developers if the entire of
'contrib' was put into it's own repository to which all-and-sundry could
then be given commit access?   (eg: supply one good and non-trivial patch
and get commit access?)

> This is actually something that we're looking at for all scripts in trunk,
> the
> intention is that scripts are stored elsewhere and made available for
> download separately, perhaps even automatically from within MythTV so that
> users can always get the working version without upgrading MythTV.

For scripts that are user-oriented, that's a great idea, but you could leave
the "stored elsewhere" as "stored in SVN" - because that's the perfect place
for them - where all it takes is a tiny bit of "wget" (or similar) to
download them separately/automatically from inside mythtv.

I guess it needs to be seen that some of these scripts/contribs are
user-facing tools (ie used at runtime) , and some of them (like the
win32-packager) are very clearly not (build-time tool only), and should not
be all just "lumped together" into the same group.   Of course if you can
support both camps, then more power to ya!   :-)

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