[mythtv] Database schema upgrade 1215 and 1216 causes loss of data

mythtv at miwers.dk mythtv at miwers.dk
Wed Apr 23 23:42:29 UTC 2008

Michael T. Dean wrote:
> If you really want to help, figure out how to convert your (broken) 
> pre-upgrade UTF-8 database to latin1 with UTF-8 encoded in latin1 so 
> that any users who broke their databases can unbreak them before doing 
> an upgrade.  Then, document the process on the wiki (with links from, 
> i.e., the broken page to which I linked, above).
> Again, just my opinion.
Thank you for your explanation. I'll need to have a look at fixing my 
database then...
Don't have the time right now, though, so I'll just keep off with the 
upgrades for now :-)


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