[mythtv] font char width on some osd lines

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Wed Apr 23 15:18:34 UTC 2008

Mark Spieth wrote:
> Im seeing double width text chars that are overlapping/partially occluded 
> with adjacent chars on some osd when interlaced video is shown. it doesnt 
> happen when the video is progressive.
> example is title text in the timestretch adjust bar. using retro for my 
> test.
> If someone can give me a hint as to where to start to look for this Ill 
> figure out a fix.
> Mark Spieth
> Digivation Pty Ltd 
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i have had this probelm for so long that at this stage it doesn't even 
bother me any more
danial seems to think it is something to do with DisplaySize in 
xorg.conf. i'm not so sure.
it is has been reported at least twice; see #3970 and #4044

if you remove the font definition from the xml file then the problem 
goes away.
why it works for some fonts and not others is beyond my simple little brain.


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