[mythtv] 0.21 and ffmpeg handling of corrupt ac3

Daniel Kristjansson danielk at cuymedia.net
Fri Apr 18 17:58:06 UTC 2008

On Fri, 2008-04-18 at 13:30 -0400, Scott D. Davilla wrote:
> Just a though, but how about fixing these problems at the source 
> before they get propagated to disk at the backend. For DVB and 
> HDHomeRun, the backend load is very light and since one would just be 
> doing crc checks and fixes, this would not add much to the backend 
> load.
> That way, the recorded file is guaranteed "clean". Sort of solve the 
> problem at the source and eliminate "garbage in garbage out".

That would be a good solution. Unfortunately it would require demuxing
and remuxing the stream. MythTV used be able to demux DVB streams in
the recorder, but the code was so buggy that we eventually tore it out.
Remuxing wasn't even attempted, but is needed for supporting things
like some captions, all subtitles, multiple audio languages, MHEG and
external timecode streams.

If someone writes the code for it, it will get careful review. A
demux/remux good enough to go into a recorder would solve a lot
of problems for mythtranscode.. In fact fixing mythtranscode to
handle TS files without losing data that isn't in the first video
and first audio stream would probably be a good start at this..

-- Daniel

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