[mythtv] Qt 4 port of HttpComms

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Fri Apr 18 04:08:45 UTC 2008

A mac-only plugin file, mythmusic/mythmusic/cddecoder-darwin.cpp,
is failing to compile:

error: 'QHttpRequestHeader' has not been declared

which may be a simple header problem, but I first
looked at the Qt4 porting guide, which mentions:

QHttp no longer inherits from QNetworkProtocol. See the See the  
section on QNetworkProtocol for details.

The old QHttp, QHttpHeader, QHttpRequestHeader, and  
QHttpResponseHeader classes have been renamed Q3Http, Q3HttpHeader,  
Q3HttpRequestHeader, and Q3HttpResponseHeader and have been moved to  
the Qt3Support library.

This confuses me greatly, because the the Qt 4 headers
obviously _do_ still define the old class names.

A web search revealed nothing. Anyone know the deal?

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