[mythtv] News feeds (RSS/Atom) for MythTV.org and SchedulesDirect.org

Francois Marier fmarier at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 03:45:01 UTC 2008

Hello fellow MythTVers,

I have created two separate RSS/Atom feeds that might be of interest to some
of you (updated once a day):

  MythTV News Feed (from the mythtv.org homepage)

  Schedules Direct News Feed (from the schedulesdirect.org homepage)

You can also choose to subscribe to these feeds by email:

  Subscribe to MythTV News by email:

  Subscribe to Schedules Direct News by email:

I got in touch with the developers of both projects to ask whether they had
any objections to these feeds and I haven't heard anything back so I will
assume that they don't have a problem with this service.


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